Sep 22, 2012

Kolo at Habitare 2012

Big hustle between Bali and Japan. After coming back from Bali we started do built our conceptual hotelroom to habitare interior/furniture/design fair in Helsinki. Our room was part of the International Trash Hotel, which contained 18 rooms made by different people around the world.

The point was to create a room by using used/thrown away materials. Our wood was from dump, fabricks were old curtains and bedwear that we redyed and metal parts were also from the dump.

Here are some pictures of our room

Us, the makers of the room. Hanna Heikkinen, Sanna Ritvanen, Roosa Riski and me
Information boards of our room.
Our room had a massive bed with working trays, rack for hanging clothes and big braided pillows.
Sanna showing how it works
We again
We were all surprised how intereted the press was about our room. We got interviewd to Eteläsuomen sanomat, Aamulehti, Maaseudun tulevaisuus and some magazines from Estonia and Sweden.

Our room was also featured in many blogs like Ateenan aamut, The rag rug and Teho-opisto.

Once again Trash Design was a great experinece and even though it was hard work it was fun and we were really happy to see what we had accomplished.

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