Sep 20, 2011

The forever project

Toilet. Almost exactly one year ago (when I started this blog - how the time flies!) I told you about how horrible the toilet was. During the year I've tried to fix it from here and there without money or time, but now I thought I share the progress:

This is how it was:  

I was curious to see whats under the horrible yellowish plastic carpet. The same pattern that were on the wall. I also figured that the floor boards were broken because it bend down a bit. I called my landlord and he fixed it and installed new light gray plastic carpet (just when I thought I got rid off plastic carpets...)

I also decided to remove the wall plastic but once again the outcome wasn't pretty

After the walls were empty I painted everything in white including that dark purple roof (just to get a clean page before inventing something more personal). In the pictures the other wall is still unpainted

All that happened before the summer break. Now with new strength (well having a flu) I continued by making that new shelf to hide some of that plumbing and by getting that new bamboo carpet

My auntie Kaija gave me one of her fashion figures (now I have two :)) It still is looking for its place but I think the black parts looks nice with all that white around

The room still looks a bit impersonal but at least it looks clean and people doesn't get scared after seeing it :) It is easy to continue fixing it now and the next thing i would love to get is a proper mirror cabinet to get all my stuff into it.


  1. Nice. And you have such a nice piece of art there also <3