Nov 5, 2010

From natures shape to a plain pattern

The first school project is done! Book that present the work process "From natures shape to a plain pattern" including sketches, studying, creating the moduls and the pattern and the final, coloured patterns. (The colours are not exactly correct in the pictures, because I had to take the photos in such a hurry before giving it out :))

Apple tree

Work process

Sketching, stugying apples anatomy

Studying its colours and shades

Seaching golden rations

Studying Fibonacci's seguence

Creating moduls

Grouping patterns

Final pattern

Free pattern with same moduls

Multiplyed pattern

Pocket for sketcs and other stuff


  1. OMG toi monistettu mustavalkonen (+ruskee?) on magee :D t noora

  2. Tosi hienoja töitä ja kiva kun jaat niitä koko maailman kaa ;) XXX maria

  3. I am impressed! Did you make those patterns yourself Esa? They are great.